Duna Expert is an accounting firm specialized in services to English or French speaking companies operating in Hungary.

The strength of Duna Expert is a dynamic and dedicated team of professionals, lead by Xavier Defaÿsse, a French citizen, in Hungary since 1993 with more than 25 years experience in the audit and accounting profession.


We undertake full of partial outsourcing of bookkeeping and accounting. We provide you with monthly reporting of the performance and the financial situation of your company, with fill translation in English, or French at your convenience.

News and articles

The employee remuneration

The base salary should be at least equal to the minimum wage (136 Mt). Base salary is generally monthly, but can also be reported to an hourly wage using 174

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Sunday and other similar premiums

Premiums are calculated by reference to the basic salary of the employee, by reference to an hourly basis using 174 hours for a full-time monthly.

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Paid leave

Basic annual leave, 20 days per year, is increased depending on the age of the employee up to 30 days per

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