Mandatory registration with the Company Portal


From 1st January 2018, for the sake of modernization, the Hungarian Authorities (including the courts) will use the electronic Company Portal for addressing any correspondence to companies having a registered seat in Hungary. Companies must register themselves before 31 December 2017 (the initial deadline of 31 August has been extended) and provide the e-mail address they want to use for this purpose.

Companies that are registered in Hungary for VAT purposes only, have no registered seat in Hungary and are therefore not required to follow this procedure.


Companies must decide whether they wish to register a specific e-mail address for receiving the correspondence of the Authorities. In such case, they must ensure that any e-mail received is read and forwarded to the proper person for action. Authorities may send correspondence that require immediate response from the addressees.


The electronic Company Portal is entirely in Hungarian, which can be a challenge for foreign managing directors. They may be interested in obtaining assistance or legal representation from their company lawyer (as this registration is not linked to accounting, external accountants do not perform this registration procedure).


When the registration has been successfully completed, the companies will receive by e-mail an acknowledgement of receipt.


You will find additional detailed information (in Hungarian) by clicking the following link:



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